Reportable Incidents and Behavioral Indicators

    • Unauthorized persons ask about Army forces, secrets, technologies, etc. in person or through email

    • Contact with foreign government, military or intelligence personnel

    • Potential compromise of defense information/security violations

    • Knowledge of anyone associated with or aiding a known or suspected terrorist organization or foreign intelligence security service

    • Knowledge of anyone displaying indicators of radicalization or anti-U.S. sentiments

    • Any known, suspected or contemplated acts of espionage, sabotage, or physical attack, by any person or group

    • If you are inappropriately searched, detained or questioned about your job while traveling in a foreign country, or have official documents stolen or confiscated

    • Unauthorized intrusions or theft of a sensitive computer system or electronic media device

    • Deliberate security violations or compromises

    • Family members threatened, coerced, or pressured in any way to cooperate with foreign officials, terrorist organizations, or radical groups

    • Instances where personnel attempt to defect or actually defect to another country

    • Attempts to encourage military or civilian personnel to violate laws or disobey lawful orders or regulations for the purpose of disrupting military activities

    • Any domestic or international terrorist threats or suspicions

    • Discovery of unauthorized technical surveillance devices

    • Any diversion or attempted diversion of U.S. technology to a foreign nation

    • Suicide or suicide attempts by personnel with security clearances

    • AWOL by personnel with security clearances

    • Knowledge about incidents where personnel are detained in a foreign country

    • Individuals impersonating Military Intelligence/Counterintelligence personnel

    • Job offers by foreign governments pertaining to design, manufacture, maintenance or deployment of weapons of mass destruction or other critical/sensitive technologies

    • Known or suspected compromise, or illegal diversion of U.S. Military critical technologies or weapon systems by anyone on behalf of, or for the benefit of a foreign power

    • Knowledge of a threat to or about persons protected by the U.S. Secret Service

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Contact Information

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902d Military Intelligence Group
9955 Middleton Road, Building 235
Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060

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