Badge History

Corps of Intelligence Police OCONUS

Corps of Intelligence Police Badge Carried by Agents Overseas

Each combat corps of the American Expeditionary Forces had its own dedicated counterintelligence element consisting of 12 Corps of Intelligence Police sergeants designated as special agents

Counter Intelligence Corps CIC

US Army War Department Military Intelligence Badge Carried by CIC Agents in World War II

To meet increased counterintelligence demands during World War II, the Army replaced the Corps of Intelligence Police with the Counter Intelligence Corps. The CIP and CIC badges looked much the same, the only difference being that the words “Military Intelligence” replaced “Corps of Intelligence Police.”

CI Badge through 2011

Department of the Army Military Intelligence Badge Carried by Counterintelligence Special Agents through 2011

Following the codification of Army Counterintelligence under modern military designations and units, military and civilian Special Agents both CONUS and OCONUS carried badges detailed with “Department of the Army” instead of the outdated “War Department”.

Modern Era Badge

Department of the Army Counterintelligence Badge Carried by Counterintelligence Special Agents in the Modern Era

This badge identifies the primary investigative mission and jurisdictional authority of a modern Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, and is carried by military and civilian Special Agents worldwide.

IDAB Badge

Military Police Command, Intelligence Division Agent Badge

After World War II, CIC agents in CONUS merged with the criminal investigators of the Provost Marshal’s Office to form a new, though short lived, Security Intelligence Corps.


Corps of Intelligence Police CONUS

Corps of Intelligence Police Badge Carried by Agents in CONUS

Discontinued in late 1941. Modern counterintelligence has its beginnings in World War I when a permanent corps of trained counterintelligence specialists was established within the Army for the first time in response to fears of sabotage on the home front and for the security of American Forces abroad.

ISB Badge


US Army Western Department, Intelligence Service Badge Carried by Agents in CONUS

During the inter-war period, Army Sergeants were detailed for intelligence service to the Eastern, Western, and Southern Departments, and the District of Columbia.

CIC Badge

Counter Intelligence Corps Badge used by Agents in the Pacific Theater during World War II

In the Pacific, as in Europe, each Army division had its own attached CIC detachment.




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